Super Kids Triathlon Camp 2016


What is the camp about ?

SuperKids Triathlon Camp 2016 is a 1-day program designed to give children from age 7 to 12 a hands on experience on triathlon basics. This fun multi sports of triathlon comprises 3 disciplines; swim, bike and run – all which will be exciting to the young participants. They will be guided and coached by our certified triathlon coaches. A mini sprint non-competitive triathlon will be held at the end of the camp. For camp efficiency and  safety the number of participants is capped to 50.


Through this camp we want to :-

  1. Inculcate the culture of sports, health and fitness in the children
  2. Encourage discipline, focus and sportsmanship from an early age
  3. Expose to the participants and their parents/guardians all 3 sports disciplines
  4. Give participants the experience being coached by professional triathlon coach

I have completed the online registration. What’s next?
If there is no issue with your registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Check your spam/junk folder if you have not received the confirmation email 3 days after registration.

Can I register my friend’s children for this event?
For i)safety purposes, ii)accountability and iii)an understanding of how a triathlon event works, we highly encourage the children’s own parents/guardian to complete the registration process. The organiser will not be held accountable for any untoward incidents should it happen to the young participants.

I am a teacher/coach at my school/team. Can I register my students as a group?
Yes, group registration is allowed but only limited to 5 participants per education institution/school/club/team to be fair to other group registrations. Parent's consent will be needed.Please contact the organiser directly for more information.

Triathlon Camp Kit?
Each participants will receive a swim cap, a t-shirt, a helmet and bicycle sticker, ‘race’ number as well as 4 safety pins. The mock triathlon which will be held at the end of the camp is non-competitive, but we insist on the completeness of the triathlon kit for participants to have a taste of a real triathlon race.

What do I need to bring for my child?
What he/she needs to complete the event comfortably with/in. A few musts :

i) a functioning pedalled bicycle (battery/motor operated bicycle and bicycles without breaks are not allowed)
ii) bicycle helmet
iii) running shoes
iv) sportswear
v) goggles
vi) water bottle
vii) a towel
viii) sunscreen

What happens on camp morning?
All participants will need to be at the event venue latest by 7.30am. Head on to our ‘Registration’ tent which opens at 7.00am with the young one and registration number. Parents/guardian have to sign a waiver clause form to complete the registration process. After that is done, get body marking done at the registration tent.

What’s next?
Participants will enter the area marked as ‘Transition’ area. Body marking is mandatory in order to enter this area. Parents/guardian are only allowed to enter the transition area BEFORE the camp starts and AFTER the camp ends.

A gear check will be done by our Technical team at the entrance of the transition area to ensure all gears are safe and functioning. Please give your full co-operation to ensure the checking goes smoothly.

Participants will be ushered to the swimming pool area at 7.30am.

I am coming with my 4-month old son. Is the event baby and stroller friendly?
By all means, please bring your babies (and strollers). However you are expected to manage yourself and ensure that the babies do not disrupt the camp session. The swimming pool is at the 1st floor, and if you do need to 'park' your strollers, you can do so at a designated corner in our 'Common Tent' to avoid any mishaps. We will not be responsible to any stroller-related injuries throughout the course of the event.

Will food be provided?
No. However we will be providing water and bananas for the participants throughout the camp. All parents/guardians will be responsible in ensuring the participants are fed necessarily before coming for the camp. We will however have a food truck on ground.

I am coming from out-station. Can the organiser help to arrange accommodation?
We apologise as we will not be able to provide you with this service.

First aider? Life saver?
Rest assured, we will have our life guards and medical team on site at the camp. area.

Can I cancel my registration and get reimbursement?
Cancellation needs to be done in writing to the organiser. Cancellation made before 22nd April 2016 will entitle for 60% reimbursement. Cancellations after this date will entitle to 20% reimbursement.

Please note that registration is non-transferable.
*more FAQ will be added. Stay tuned!

SuperKids Save The Planet !
We believe that educating our future generation on climate change and environmental issues is important and this can be done by everyday habits and behaviour. It is our mission to ensure all our events emits the least carbon print possible starting from our event management to the camp delivery. Together with all our SuperKids (and SuperParents!), we hope to achieve this through every events that we run.

Recycle Bins
Recycle bins will be provided at the camp venue to reduce the amount of rubbish. Please look out for our colourful recycle bins and do not litter!

Old footwear (still in good wearable condition)
We are happy to inform you that we will open a booth for you and your children to donate old shoes or slippers to the needy! Don’t throw them away! All you need to do is place them in the special bin next to our registration tent.

Coach Azhar has been coaching for 16 years. He started of as a swim coach in 1999 and as a triathlon coach in 2004. He is an active member of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and Asian Triathlon Confederation, where he has participated and led numerous coaching courses and camps. To reach out further in promoting and developing triathlon, he created Trikidz Malaysia in 2008. It was a successful development initiative for kids and youth. He has also a coaching experience with Singapore based Synergy Multisport Coaching.

Coach Azhar is currently coaching for Triathlon Association Malaysia (TRIAM) and is the lead for Malaysia’s triathlon South East Asian Games (SEA Games) project.

Sue Teoh is an International Triathlon Union (ITU) Certified Triathlon Coach and also a Personal Trainer certified by the American Council of Exercise and FIT Malaysia. She specializes in open water swim, running and triathlon coaching.

Sports and fitness has always been a big part of her life. Her involvement with sports began with competitive swimming at state and national level during her school years, followed by synchronized swimming and triathlons.

She greatly enjoys sporting activities and would like to share her passion with others and show them how being active can be so fulfilling to body, mind and spirit. Coaching and educating others is her way of paying it forward, giving back to the community what she has benefited from sports!


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